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“ Do you guys teach witchcraft here?”

Deb glanced at the woman standing on the other side of the counter. Short, blond, with a haircut that looked messy and signaled that she spent lots of time and money on it. Those lighter blond strands weren’t hiding the gray as well as the woman thought. Deb was trying to decide whether to be kind or cruel.

“No, we wish,” piped up Deb’s co-worker, Desiree. Desiree smiled at the customer. She looked sincere. Deb doubted that she was.

“Oh,” the woman chuckled, “that’s too bad. I thought maybe…”

“Yeah, I know hun…

sneak peek

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Gabby deserved everything that she had coming to her. In the good sense, not the vengeful god way. No, she was a good person, loved animals, even though her stupid landlord wouldn’t let them keep dogs, she did have her cats. Plus, she loved old people, like a lot. Some of her favorite Saturday afternoons were spent at St. Mary’s Home for the Aged & Infirm. Those old people were a hoot.

Some of the men were still fresh, it was amazing. Gabby knew they were harmless, so when they made inappropriate comments, she just changed the subject…

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Fears for your children — do they ever leave you as a parent?

My child-rearing days are behind me. My children have children and I relish my role as Granma (the ‘d’ is silent and invisible).

Everyone is happy, healthy, and thriving. They are all doing well.

But, last night I had a dream.

It started as dreams do, in the middle of the action. I was tying my hair in a green head wrap, the color of tender spring leaves on trees, and admiring myself in a mirror.

I was having a conversation with someone. This person was male…

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Reed screamed and slammed the top shut on his secret box. The rollie-pollie made a scritching sound that made him hide behind his hands.



“What are you doing?”

“Nah, nothing!”

“Don’t make me come up there!”

Reed wiped hot tears from his eyes. He was scared and he didn’t know what to do. He had a monster in his secret box.


“Reed, what is wrong with you?”


“I’m coming up there.”

Reed wanted his mom to come upstairs to save him from his rollie-pollie. Thinking about the monster in the box made him have to pee…

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Hope couldn’t afford to be seen, so she stood still. She didn’t want Dane to spy her watching him. But he was so nice to watch. Hope would never have guessed that her grumpy upstairs neighbor had muscles let alone so any of them. She snagged her bottom lip with her teeth. It had been months since she’d broken up with Rob and here was this man, and his muscles glinting with sweat in the autumn sunshine.

Maybe I should offer him something to drink. Hope rejected the idea as soon as it had formed in her mind. The guy…

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He laughed as the rollie-pollie ran from his hand to his arm. “It tickles,” he said to his brother. His brother, all business said, “Stop playing around Reed, don’t you want to get ice cream?” They both worked weeding the garden with the reward of ice cream their pot of gold at the end of the sticky hot rainbow.

The little boy giggled as the rollie-pollie continued his climb up his arm. He didn’t say anything more, just giggled softly as the rollie-pollie sat in the hollow of his collar bone. He continued to pretend to weed.

That evening he…

Roz Carter

Roz was born back in the days when televisions had knobs. She spent her childhood with her nose stuck in a book, preferring their company over anyone else's.

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